PRIGO College Olomouc

PRIGO College Olomouc is a member of the PRIGO group, which is one of the strongest and most successful groups on the education market in the Czech Republic. PRIGO schools have an irreplaceable place at all levels of the education system, from pre-school education to university education, and in all their activities they build on the unique certified educational approach PriorityGO. It is a combination of individualization of teaching, modern didactic methods and respecting the challenges of contemporary society. Within its framework, PRIGO schools focus not only on theoretical education, but especially on the applicability of graduates’ knowledge in later life. Education is perceived here as a lifelong philosophy and a continuous approach to life.

At PRIGO College Olomouc, in education and extracurricular activities, in accordance with the PriorityGO approach, we place emphasis on the development of students’ critical thinking, internationalization, new technologies and digitization, environmental education and an ethical approach to life or intergenerational exchange of experience and respect. The founder of the school is the PRIGO University, which allows us to offer students tertiary education not only with the possibility of successful application in practice, but also with the possibility of further study at the university, for which our graduates are well prepared.

Our school offers studies in the humanities educational programmes Preschool and Extracurricular Pedagogy, and Social Work. After completing them, the students receive a “DiS.” associate degree and they are ready to perform the regulated professions of social worker, teacher or principal in kindergarten and many others according to the relevant law. We also offer the field of Veterinary Medicine. According to the International Classification of Education, the attainment of a higher professional education level is at the same level as the attainment of a higher education at the level of a bachelor’s degree programme, but does not presuppose a direct master’s degree at a university.